Fair Trade + Eco

The above video series was created with the intention of shedding some light to the benefits of some textiles, and many factors that are detrimental to all who inhabit the earth.

Making Changes toward what we learn is Justified.

In life, there’s not always an obvious right or wrong path. It can seem as if the decisions we make are just a matter of personal opinion. However, when we take a closer look we begin to see that its much bigger than that.

Deciding what clothing to buy, or products to use has more factors that go into it. We purchase things with our hard earned money. It’s important that what we get is a good fit for us.

There are many things that happen with each clothing item before we ever see it. A lot of these factors are very important, from the beginning farmer, to the end user, and also the environment in between. We all want quality clothing that will last as long as possible, but consider the following questions about the clothing we wear:

Where was each item of clothing produced?
How is the treatment of and conditions for the workers who produced it?
Were the factory workers and farmers compensated for their time in a manner that can support them?
What is the product made from?
Is it Natural or Synthetic?
What chemicals and methods are used to create and refine the materials used?
What are the environmental effects from producing that material on a large scale?

Once a purchase is made, it does not matter whether we know or not we know the answer to these questions. Every Purchase is a vote for a company, or product. We support what we spend on. The more informed we are, the more effective we will be.

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