Street Team

We are offering FREE Justified Ink Sticker packs and the opportunity to be added to our Street Team.

How do you get Justified? We want you to show us how you make a difference in the world.

Fill out the form. If everything looks good, we will send a FREE Justified Ink Sticker pack*. Upon acceptance, you will also gain access to the email newsletter, exclusive discounts, and other information we send.

We believe in excelling as individuals and making a difference in your community. We want to see your skills and ability to reach people in real life and via social media. We want to see outstanding interesting photos of Justified in action!**

Stay in the loop, share, and tag our social media pages @justifiedink , and use our hashtags: #getjustified #justifiedink #bejustified

*Limit 1 sticker pack per person/household. For those who use what we send to take things to the next level, we will reach out and upgrade you to street team status. Our Street Team has many benefits, one of which is receiving periodic Justified Mega packs which can include stickers, clothing, from Justified Ink and associated artists.

**We reserve the right to offer, refuse, or revoke the street team status, shipments, newsletters, and other affiliation benefits, for any reason, at any time. We represent doing good in the world, and cannot support anything less.