Seeking Peace and Social Justice is a lifestyle. We make art, and apparel to match. We are Justified Ink. The word “justified” means: having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason. We create Justified Clothing.

Art is a Tool for Social Change. We empower individuals with our Art, and aim to inspire communities as well. Our diverse team of artists, coming from many cultures, creates all of our art for Justified Clothing.

We use our expertise and corporate understanding to creating art, and our own art-themed Justified clothing line. We use a hybrid of art and design to create the freshest and most unique apparel.

Justified Ink Clothing is created in-house. We utilize our resources to create the best, most ethical products we can. Fair Trade Certified, Organic, and utilizing hemp and other textiles, this clothing embodies the name Justified.

Our goal is to produce a Transparent and empowering clothing line. This gives us the means and leverage to work with and build in communities. From volunteerism, helping under resourced individuals, to community art and mural projects.

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